How to Choose Textile Chemical Manufacturer for Your Business?


Selection of the perfect textile chemical manufacturer us the secret to success when you are in textile business. This essential element determines the success of failure.

Regardless of how good your marketing strategy is, it is impossible to win the confidence of your customers unless the products are excellent in quality.

When your buyers get impressed by the products manufactured by you, the goods would surely be sold.

Ho will you pick the right manufacturer when there are two or three choices? Here are some tips.

1. Flexibility of production

You don’t want a textile chemical manufacturer that is confined to one particular niche. In the competitive market today, you must partner with someone who is flexible and allrounder.

The more capable and flexible is your partner, you have better chances to compete. Make sure you get a variety of production techniques and processes under one roof.

2. Customer service

Does your textile chemical manufacturer know the business well?  Has he provided a dedicated account manager to you?

Do you get a quick response to your order and get the fulfillment in time?

If yes, then you are fortunate to have the best business partner who can help in taking your business at new heights.

3. Big or small order size; it is ready to accept

Your textile chemical manufacturer needs to be adaptable and flexible for your business requirements regardless of its volume.

Orders as small as 200 pieces are equally important as orders of 200,000 pieces. The partner has to be flexible enough to quickly adapt to the order size as far as facility management is concerned.

4. Stringent quality control

There is nothing more frustrating than rejecting your products by the customers because they are inferior in quality.

When you partner with a textile chemical manufacturer who runs the process with superior quality control, it ensures that each product is perfect when it leaves the factory premises.

5. The value for money

Do you have a textile chemical manufacturing company that delivers just what you expect? Or does it go one step forward to offer something that can be called ‘the icing on a cake’?

Do you get professional advice on new product development? Do you get information about what is the latest trend in the production process? Do you get an insight about product packaging or labeling?

Other than these qualities, you must check the compliance management which is the ‘in-thing’ today.

If yes, then you have joined hands with the perfect textile chemical manufacturer.

ORA CHEM is the manufacturers and suppliers of textile chemicals and auxiliaries which offers pre-treatment chemicals, dyeing & printing auxiliaries and finishing & sizing formulations to meet with various fabric requirements such as finishing, sizing, dyeing, pre-treatment and printing.

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