Dyeing & Printing

Dyeing Assistants

  • Phosphate free Acid buffer cum dispersant for dyeing of polyester & its blends
  • Phosphate free acid buffer for dyeing of polyester & it’s blends

Anticreasing Agents / Dye Bath Lubricant

  • Crease preventing agent to be used during dyeing for reducing chafes & rope marks
  • Universal crease preventing agent suitable & Jet stability

Dispersing & Levelling Agents

  • Economical levelling agent for polyester fabrics
  • No foaming, dispersing & levelling agent for reactives having excellent electrolyte stability & sequestering power
  • Unique combination of dispersing & levelling for polyester & its blends
  • Powerful dispersing & levelling agent for synthetics & its blends
  • Levelling agent with barre covering in the dyeing of 100% texturised polyester
  • Diffusion accelerator cum levelling agent for compact/tightly wound polyester & its blends
  • Levelling agent for disperse dyes
  • Levelling agent for cationic dyes
  • Excellent dispersing agent for better dispersion of disperse dyes in dye bath
  • Special dispersing agent for use in dyeing polyester fibres in order to reduce the precipitation & deposition of oligomers on the goods in dyeing machines
  • Dispersing agent
  • Disperse levelling agent for disperse dyes
  • After washing for reactive/direct/indigo dyes
  • Dispersing agent for prints having excellent emulsifying & levelling action

 Dye Fixing Agent

  • Non formaldehyde cationic dye fixing agent for reactive & direct dyes
  • Formaldehyde cationic dye fixing agent imparts no tonal changes

Washing-Off Agents

  • Saponification aid for removal of hydrolysed dye after dyeing
  • After clearing agent for reactive dyeing & prints on cellulosic fibres & its blends for preventing backstaining
  • High performance fastness improver having in-built properties of dispersing, sequestering & protective colloid for better suspension of hydrolysed dye
  • Reducing agent for polyester dyeing
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