Importance of Textile Chemical Finishing in Textile industry


Textile Industry: Principal of Textile Chemical Finishing

Textile Chemical Finishing is a process used in manufacturing of fiber, fabric, or clothing. Preparation, coloration, and finishing are the three critical stages of textile wet processing. The earlier two processes decide the quality of the fabric and color.

The last step, that is finishing is critical because it determines how the customers will value the product.

It is also called the beautification process. Finishing gives the functional characteristics to the fabric including the ‘touch and feel’.

Why is the finishing called ‘chemical finishing’?


Since the last step of finishing the product makes use of chemicals, it is called chemical finishing. It helps in achieving the desired properties of the fabric.

The process includes many things, including the change in the chemical composition of the fabric it is applied to.

If we do the elemental analysis of the fabric, then a fabric treated with a chemical finish is different than it is done before the finishing.

What is done in the process of wet finishing? It involves the addition of chemicals to the fabric so that the desired result is obtained.

The prominent change caused by chemical finishing-

  • Dimensional stability
  • Flame retardancy

Chemical processing doesn’t create a change in the appearance normally

Role of chemical finishing in the manufacturing process


As mentioned earlier, chemical finishing plays a major role in the whole process of textile manufacturing.

The use of chemical finishing has further increased in recent years as the trend of manufacturing ‘high tech’ products has increased.

Also, the advancement in textile processing technology has made the processes more efficient and cost-effective. Thus, the overall cost has dropped.

When the demand for good-quality chemicals increases, more companies are emerging in the competitive market with high-quality processing chemicals.

What is the market size of the chemicals required in textile processing? It is enormous. Experts say that almost one-tenth of the volume of fabric produced is the volume of chemical auxiliaries needed.

An illustration can understand it. Suppose the total fiber production is 500 million tons, then 50 million ton chemical and auxiliaries will be used. And the most significant chunk, i.e. 40% of these chemicals is used in the chemical processing unit.

How does the quality of chemicals affect the result?


Since the chemicals are used for increasing dimensional stability and other properties, it is essential to have the best compounds.

For that, the manufacturer is supposed to do some research and comparative study.

Pick the best product that meets specifications.

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